goyang2 inul ke TFAL
2 minutes
Mohd Razif Mohd Shah replied
2 minutes
Derrick Ang replied
Another close Green Day, next week continue?
8 minutes
一买就上 Golden Finger replied
gov no money bro, if got that money they use it for others glc lol, aa is the last
9 minutes
Xing Tian replied
the cleaner at scib told me tp 2.0
10 minutes
Travel Videos replied
原本预算破90sen 跑,结果没遵守。。。
18 minutes
Jun Meng Low replied
super holland qr... lol nta -RM1, worthless...
19 minutes
Henry Kck replied
Everyday buy also lose money. With this app, i finaly able to see the chart pattern more clearly. Navigate to Bursa Analytics at play_store.
20 minutes
Fong Ken
Kerajaan pada 26 Januari 2022 telah bersetuju mengekalkan kadar tarif elektrik semasa bagi pengguna-pengguna domestik di Semenanjung untuk tempoh kawal selia bermula pada 1 Februari 2022 hingga 31 Disember 2024 di bawah mekanisme Incentive-Based Regulation (IBR). Ikuti berita terkini di https://grid.astroawani.com/ #AWANInews
20 minutes
Kim Foo Yong replied
Hi Tan , are you from related industry? how much is the cement price now?
21 minutes
ah mao replied
How to get sued, come sue me hahaha
24 minutes
William Khoo replied
lao Qian couter.. i also lost a lot in this bullshit counter.. pui
25 minutes
Power Ranger replied
They no brain , sell at lower prices, buy at higher prices …. Not their money , they sure no feel
28 minutes
散户的机会 replied
以图表的走势和分析,它要飞了……1.7 走不了
31 minutes
散户的机会 replied
Window dressing before CNY? Ha ha
35 minutes
Eugene L replied
@derrick really sakit
36 minutes
Toro Wei Jun replied
How they can cash out. 你读书少没人怪你 但是不要在公共场所当小丑 很xiasui你懂吗
38 minutes
Vinz O replied
Either 0.5 or 0.005
40 minutes
Ken replied
Tsh,怎么称呼都行啦………..股市千变万化活到老学到老的,我这几天炒股太顺利了,结果踢到cwg这粒石头,也是好事,估计老板的pp0.40丢出来了………我会回来的,freewarrant fix date应该会炒…….大家还是远离cwg 好了,太狠了lol…….
43 minutes
Fatty Bombom replied
46 minutes
Kevin Lee
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