Posting rules and terms

We aim to provide healthy and positive environment for traders to discuss and interact with each other. We wish all users to abide the rules and create productive environment, share and learn on stock trading together.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. You will be restricted, or barred from posting, if your published content consists of, but not limited to:

  1. Foul/offensive words or languages;
  2. Insulting or defaming statement;
  3. Hatred or provoking speech;
  4. Advertising or spamming;
  5. Blind guess or statement. Instead, provide supporting;
  6. Buy/Sell call;
  7. Misleading or untruth statement;
  8. Copyright infringing material;
  9. Any sort of posting with negative intention;
  10. Offensive or inappropriate photos or user name;
  11. Impersonate other user's name or photo;
  12. Using multiple accounts on above offenses;
  13. Meaningless statement;

Report any abusive comments immediately, instead of fighting back and getting reported.

Initial offender will be restricted to post for approximately 1 day. The restriction might be reduced or extended depending on past posting behaviours. Serious offender could be permanently barred from posting.

Spamming comments reporting multiple times with multiple accounts would likely result in them being disregarded or overlooked.

You may appeal as first offender or if you suspect there is system error. Repeated offender will not be entertained.

For any misuse of profile picture, kindly contact us with details.

We assume and accept no responsibility for any contents that is posted and shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any person for any effect, consequences, loss, damages that may arises or resulted from the contents posted in this platform.