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Now Inari become AI related stocks! Wow!!
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I hope my mistake will not shake Myeg price or impact on market sentiment. Here is a good platform for debate, nobody is perfect, nobody is always right or wrong.
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Omg, it mean i been wrong for all this while . Thanks for the info anyway. But I still believe Myeg will one day become top 30.
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Mr.涨停板!You can refer this link for latest market capital ranking. MYEG is now 36th.

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Krono Share buyback will increase EPS and might potentially push up share price. I give a good example, you see Greatec, after one month of SBB announcement, until today share price has surge +17%. Holding Krono is boring, but some time your patience will be rewarded with good handsome returns. Krono is owing us a limit up. Let’s wait
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Greatec is a great company.
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On 22/5/24, Industry and Commerce Association of Macau was pay a visit to Zetrix HQ, with the discussion in strengthening Macau’s commerce ecosystem or new revolution in Supply Chain. Zetrix blockchain is the leading in revolutionising supply chains.
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Support your call! Haha…Check Ethereum price, soaring +19% just now. Zetrix coins will be catching up to be super bullish again!
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Myeg is now ranked 34th in market capital on Bursa. I see some progress… Keep going up!!
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Blame the EPF account 3 easily release to people. EPF have no choice need to sell stock for cash out. Anyway, EPF ceased to be major shareholder is not recent news, it was happening since last year.

2023 Q1 : -374.6M
2024 Q1 : +249.4M
Recent : -7.37M
(Data from Moomoo)
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