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Govt just introduced Rumahwip, selling RM300k luxury condo in KL, equivalent to 700-900k market price condo in KL. Do you sense property bubble?
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Other same industry like Krono are flying…
Comparing PE ratio with them:
Cloudpt Pe22x, LGMS Pe44x, ITMax Pe26x

But Krono now only Pe15x.
Totally undervalued!!!
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DNEX, you got chip, you got oil, the most powerful world leaders fight for these products… Why why why the price keep dropping??
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Myeg年年都赚钱,Profit margin年年50%以上。有那么好赚吗,享受了多年政府的关照,现在是时候还回去了。至少要出钱做一些贡献国家政策的事。
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Myeg has been enjoyed government support for past decade. Is time to pay back. Government need fund to push their economy master plan. Lol
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I realised that Google banned Huawei from using Google apps, and now Huawei has overcome and replacing it by own HarmonyOS and aggressively promoted their own App Store. Huawei Mate 60 Pro is recently show the world the breakthrough even with US sanctions. Cannot use Google, they can use Baidu.
And my point is, Krono is doing cloud storage business for Baidu. Will Krono benefited by emerging of Huawei phone achievement?
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Krono chart got W pattern (double bottom). I got feeling of bullish. Operator is done pressing, and may push up anytime.
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EV to Holland lane.
Be careful of T-3. I earned enough and take profit run.
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