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Kevin Tam
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Marshall T.H.J.
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Artonaut G
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Demand for steel is rising! wait for October!
rafizam ramli
go go
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Tan Hong Jie
Based on your past trading experience or what, Artonaut G?
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earth sky
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slow and steady. 继续加油
Hong Chew Eu
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The steel sector is a tough one to make money. Over the past 14 years (2009 to 2022) HiapTek ROE averaged 2% per annum. If you think this is terrible, wait till you see the sector average for the same period. It was negative 1%. Why would you want to invest in this sector? Well there are other gems but you have to dig deeper. For insights into the sector performance, go to
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pk Leong
There are at least 10 competing counters in that space from.Malaysia alone.
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Golden Share
小心无耻i骗徒 The Rock, 投报 MCMC !
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xh foo
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What happened spike so high?
Wong Yew Joe
ESSB raise steel output! Ukraine war almost ending, they will need a lot a lot of steels for re-constructing their buildings.
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blow water only
make sense o
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Huat Stockist
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Gogogo, Now is turn for Steel counter to fly after property, building material ~~~
Marshall T.H.J.
Steel metal is one of the part in building material.
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Ivan Wong
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Kapten Alam
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go go up up
Jimmy Tan
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steel rally coming!
Tan Hong Jie
Hope can sustain.
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Lena Wong
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