Real time data plan

1st Dec, 2022: The real-time data has been greatly optimised! We hope you enjoy the services.

RM8/month RM5/month

Subscribe with automated payment every month. Cancel subscription anytime. Card only.

1 Month

or purchase the 1-month-plan. Renew manually next month. Only support Grabpay.


RM 96/year RM50/year

Subscribe with automated payment every year. Cancel subscription anytime. Card only.

1 Year

or purchase 1-year-plan. Renew manually next year. Support Grabpay, Card, and FPX.



  1. Features?

    By subscribing to Bursa real time data plan, you will get live price update.

    1. Blazing fast real time data.
    2. Price & volume live update without page refresh.
    3. Live update of Market Depth (3). 5 Market depth will be available soon.
    4. Live trade details (Mobile app v1.7.4+ onwards)
    5. Live KLCI and Bursa Index, Top Active, Gainers, Losers.
    6. Live Top values, gainers, losers, sector indices (web)
    7. Live interactive chart, or
    8. Interactive Charting with real-time auto-refresh rate of 10 seconds, with up to 15 seconds time interval.
    9. Faster stock alerts.
    10. Stock alerts on desktop.
    11. Other features for you to explore.

    More features will be included when possible. Some features are available on web, to be implemented in mobile apps.

  2. Is the real time across all devices (Web/Android/iOS)?

    Yes, as long as the device login with the same account. However, limit of login devices might apply.

  3. I don't see the Real-time feature in Mobile apps.

    For mobile apps, you need to update to version v1.7.0 and above. Currently it is fully rolled out. You may join BETA to receive latest update using links below:

    1. Android:
    2. iOS:

  4. Does this remove ad?

    No, it doesn't. You may purchase donation separately in mobile App Store to remove mobile ads (Store specified).

  5. I subscribed but didn't see any changes?

    Ensure you login with the same account. The activation is instant; Your plan status might not yet refresh, visit My Plan for status refresh and instructions.

  6. Refund policy upon cancellation

    Currently we don't support refund upon cancellation. You will still able to use the feature until the end of subscription.

  7. Why is there a charge?

    On top of licensing fees, Bursa Exchange charges variable fee per month for each recipients receiving Real-time data. For sustainbility purpose, we decide collect the minimal fee to offset the expenses. Spread the news to your friends to keep us sustain!

  8. Changing subscription period?

    To change the subscription from monthly to yearly plan, you need to cancel current subscription. After current subscription period expired, re-subscribe to the yearly plan.

  9. Refund policy on duplicate subscription?

    Once notified, we can refund the duplicate subscription, minus the cost charged by payment gateway. Alternatively, we can issue credit note of full refund to account balance which can be used in next cycle.
    To avoid duplicate subscription, ensure your card is having sufficient funds upon renewal date, and always double check if your payment is succeeded.

Feel free to contact us for any issues.